Sunday, 2 February 2014

I always find that winter is a hard time to do anything creative. I guess it is the aftermath of Christmas and preparations for the season. By the time January comes around you just want to take advantage of free time to just veg out and not think too hard. So here it is February 2 and I am still in the same mode. Winter is making history all over the land with unusual storms and snow and ice, and lots of green time in other areas. Ours being one of them. We almost had the perfect dry January on record and on the last day or two we had a little bit of rainfall, so we missed out on that record. Meanwhile, my family were out this weekend clearing up the last of the leaves that had fallen in the yard and trimming the bushes around the property. They were amazed to see that all the bushes were in bud and the heather bushes were actually in bloom, as are many others down the road in neighbours gardens. I know we see flowers much sooner than other parts of the country, but January is a little early, even for us. I haven't been too active in the creative field. Except to finish my Christmas cards last month I haven't had the urge to be snipping and pasting anything. It's another year and I am sure my muse will return once again. Bring on spring, I say. That is always an uplift to the winter blues.

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