Sunday, 9 February 2014

History in the making.....

Do you ever wonder how you got here. The above consensus from 1911 is that of my grandfather. At that time he had his wife, and three children. Freddie, Nora and Winnifred. Freddie Jr and Nora were born in England, as were my grandfather and grandmother. Winnifred was born in Canada, the first of five more daughters to come and one more son, who became my father. My grandmother died in 1940, while my dad was overseas in WW2, so none of us including my mother ever got to meet her. With such a big spread in ages, my dad was about six when his older brother Fred, who was 19 died suddenly from meningitus, just days before coming home from the U.S. to his family. Needless to say my father was spoiled with attention from seven sisters and his mother. The circle continued with more English influence, when my dad met my mother while he was stationed in England. They married, along came me, the war ended and we came back to Canada, as an British war bride and her child. Three more daughters were born to my mother and father. One baby, unfortunately, died at eight weeks old. She was the twin to my youngest sister. We all grew up in Quebec, and when I was 21 our family moved West to British Columbia. We have lived here since in a paradise of land, where my sisters and I have our own families and grandchildren. I wonder where their lives will lead them? Isn't history interesting.

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