Thursday, 16 January 2014


I look outside today, at the brilliant sunshine and 10 degree celcius temperature and wonder what has happened to our weather system. Aren't we supposed to have snow or rain and ice? We had a week of snow in December - with a green Christmas and dry roads. Our world is going crazy. Places in the sun are experiencing snow flakes, and cold temperatures, while the normally cold places are having warmer temperatures that are very unseasonal. I am not a snow bunny, so I quite like the dry weather and sunshine days. But somewhere down the way we will pay for it. It has to be global warming. Even Alaska has mild weather. Really! Alaska! Crazy. The New Year has come in quietly and with no plans in the immediate future, it will probably remain quiet in our household. At the end of the month I have a card making class to attend, so perhaps things will perk up and become interesting again. LOL. Til next time.

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