Thursday, 2 January 2014


Does anyone else make New Year's resolutions? You know the kind I mean. The promises to oneself to make everything better in your life. The problem being is that it takes a clean slate to begin again, and so many of us drag last years problems and negative outlook with us. To truly begin again, requires an amnesic loss of all that prevented us from making our goals a reality. There can't be any traces of regret for what is now the past. But that would require acceptance and a stamp of closure on those things that seemed to matter most to us - last year. Perhaps the best one can do, is make a list of possibilities. Prioritize them in the range that is most prominent to you and then work on each item within a time frame that is appropriate for accomplishment. And in between each of those items, allow some you time for fun, without conscience, without deadlines. Gradually the list will become smaller and less mind bending. And before you know it, you will have graduated and moved those things to the accomplished side of your list called success. If some of those items on your list don't quite make it, look on the bright side of success and see what you have accomplished, rather than dwell on those that almost made it. Don't look on those as failures, but accomplishments looking for the finishing touches. It isn't a crime not to finish, but it is a crime not to try. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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