Wednesday, 1 January 2014

A New Year begins.....

I am really falling behind in my blogging efforts. But when you don't have a lot of news and Christmas is on your mind, and I haven't been crafting, what else is there to say. However, this morning I can wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEARwith best wishes for everything that is good for you. New Years eve was really quiet at my house. Even my husband went to bed early. But I sat up until the clock struck the midnight hour and quietly wished myself a good new year. At that point I decided that my bed seemed like a good idea. But then disaster struck. Someone let off fireworks outside our house, and the dog went into her panic mode. Shaking like a leaf, tongue lolling out of her mouth like Miley Cyrus, and panting like there was no tomorrow. I had intended on buying her a thunder jacket. You snuggly wrap her in it and it is supposed to calm them down. But I missed the boat on that one, and still have to order one. So I wrapped her in a towel, which I think helped a little, but not enough to do a lot of good. I couldn't go to bed until her family came home, as she would only follow me into the bedroom and lay in the dark panting heavier. So much for sleep. Well, finally her family came home and I then spent the night tossing and turning and waking. I never went to a party, but I sure feel like the morning after. It's foggy out there, but dry. A normal Coast type winter day. Hoping your day is brighter for you. Happy New Year to you all.

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