Thursday, 12 December 2013

12 Days Plus...

And so we are almost into the 12 days of Christmas count down. Are you ready? I have to say that yesterday I finished my shopping, and now I can tidy the house, decorate, and wrap my gifts. Yay! I am not a baker, so kitchen duties other than dishes, is the only time I venture that way. Oh and I guess you can count the meal times too. LOL. We had one snow fall that amounted to painting the grass white and frosting the roof tops. We have lucked out on those storms that were supposed to appear. I just hope it doesn't wait until Christmas day when everyone wants to go visit grandma. You don't need that added stress that day. We have two grandchildren, anxious for Christmas break and the big day, and a dog who seems to know that Santa is coming too. She gets a stocking each year and it is a big production for her in digging out her gifts and ripping the paper from them. This year it is hoped that they can video tape her antics. She gets so excited. I have a birthday coming up next week. Although at this stage of the game I would just as soon forget about them. Ah well, at least I go out for dinner on that night. Then I can forget about it for another year. Ha,ha. That's all there is this time folks. Take care out there. Til next time.

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