Sunday, 1 December 2013

So Little Time...

Well, here we are in the month of Merry. Christmas shopping, card writing, gift wrapping and visiting starts. We slide through the year, getting involved in our lives and the roads it takes us. But in December we decide that we must make room to visit our friends, and family. So we scurry here and there, trying to fit in all these things that are important to us, when we could have done them over the past eleven months. Our phone bills triple with all the charges on long distance calls that we feel we must make before the year peters out. So why do we do that to ourselves? If we think about these people through the year, why don't we pick up the phone, or pop around to see them when the thought enters our heads. I don't have time, you say. But you stress yourself out in December to get in touch with them all. And surprisingly, we enjoy those conversations with them after we hang up the receiver. We are all creatures of habit and we all rely on time. But time is what you make it, right? So while you are reading this, why not pick up the phone and make a date in time to visit, or just to talk while you have them on the phone. You feel good, they are pleased and feel great that you thought of them. What a gift to give at this time of year. Make time your friend rather than your enemy. I'm a little early for this, but Merry Christmas to you all. May it be spent with those you love, and time you will cherish.

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