Sunday, 17 November 2013

Bits and and there

Ooooo the sun just popped out to greet me, as I sit here at my computer wondering what to say next. It has been a little dull and gray out there for the past few days, so seeing a patch of blue sky and a few rays lifts the spirit. What have I been doing for the past couple of weeks. Well, I visited my mother in the nursing home and we started filling out her Christmas cards. More like I am, as she has difficulty holding a pen with her arthritic fingers. She tires easily so today, I will be writing out the local cards for her. I started making my cards in ready for addressing and mailing. And I have actually completed 3/4's of my Christmas shopping too. I got my flu shot over with and soon I will tidy the guest room, for my sister and her husband, who plan to come visit for a few days in December. It will be a quiet Christmas at our house this year. Just my daughter and family and dad and I. This year the sisters are spending it with their own families. It will seem odd though, as we are not able to bring mum home for Christmas. She can't manage the stairs into the house and her care is constant, so it doesn't make for a stressless day. An hours drive to get her here and then another to take her back at night. A total of four hours of driving on Christmas Day, back and forth is too much for my daughter to do, especially trying to give her family a nice Christmas and look after dinner for all of us as well. You feel guilty, but we will see her for a visit in the early day. We can't leave her out of the festivities entirely. I still have a few more gifts to do and then I can concentrate on getting the house tidy for the holidays. It's nice to have that time on my hands to do things. That is about all the news for this time. Thanks to all of you who drop by to visit.

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