Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Are you ready?

Well, it has been a little while since I last posted.  No excuses, but it is Christmas season, so I have been busy.  I have one more gift to buy, but I am doing this as a necessity for my mother.  She can't get out to shop, so my daughter and I do her shopping for her.  But I looked at my list, and it is complete.  Yay.  However, I do
have a few more cards to write and mail, so I guess I should move on those.  They are local, so it isn't a panic.  But tell me, are you ready?  I have met as many procrastinators, as I have early birds.  I like doing it early in November, so you miss the crowds.  The cashiers are only a few people behind, so that kind of wait isn't so bad.  It's when you need to take a number (not really) to get a place in line that I can't handle well.  My house is partially decorated inside.  My little tree is up and my cards are on display.  I pulled out some other buckets to take a peek inside and select some display items once again.  It will be a busy couple of weeks ahead with more appointments to meet before Christmas.  Life just doesn't stop for anything.  So with that I'll close off for today and I'll be back before Christmas with seasonal greetings.

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