Monday, 19 November 2012

I decided to make my picture on the small side, in case seeing it upsets some of you.  You see, I have already started my Christmas shopping and I hope to finish it this week.  Okay, okay, put away the brooms, please don't beat me.  Besides I can't run very fast.  LOL.  Actually part of that is true.  I am having lots of problems with my legs, so I want to beat those unruly crowds in the stores.
I will never be able to attend a Black Friday in my lifetime now.  They would push me over with a feather and trample me to the ground.  But I have found a store with electric scooters that allows me to spend time looking for the right gift, while sitting in comfort.
I just have to watch out for those shopping carts driven by those Mario Andretti drivers, who think speed is the answer to their needs.  Funny thing is I often beat them to the cash desk anyway.  Does this sound like our highways to you?
I think a few other people have the same idea though, because I have tried all hours of the day to make sure the aisles are free of the maddening crowd.  But I am almost there with my shopping.  Next job is to get out my decorations out for December 1st .  I guess you have gathered by now, that I am not a bah-humbug kind of girl.  Bring on the day, I say.  Love the family all together and Christmas dinner too.  Back to my shopping list.

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