Saturday, 10 November 2012

Fallen leaves

2012 - Fall cleanup.
I don't do garden work anymore.  I leave that up to my family to do.  So today they set out to pick up the magnitude of fallen leaves from the green space at the back of our property.  Thank goodness for leaf blowers and yard vacumns.  Although it became apparent that cleaning out the little bag provided with the vacumn was more of a chore than picking them up by hand.  So they were blown into a huge pile and cleared manually.  The dog had a field day out there.  She loves chasing flying leaves, so with the vacumn blowing them all around, she was in her glory.  The grd-children helped too, but having fun was also in their plans.

This is the first fall in this house, but I can see that it will become a yearly chore around this time.  I would love to participate, but my balance is not that good on any terrain that isn't concrete based.

The Baggsy Twins
Tomorrow marks Remembrance Day.  A time to remember those who fought for us all.  My dad has been gone for six years now, and he was a soldier during WWII.  He has told us many stories of his time with comrades and the fun times they had to make that bleak time, humourous for themselves.  He never dwelled on the horrors of war, only the terrible conditions they had to endure with the weather and sleepless nights, and the "comradeship" they had with enemy soldiers when they took Christmas breaks in peace on Christmas Eve.  He paid the price with injuries, but never let it interfere with his life.
That's how I want to remember my father and the lessons we learned from watching him during our growing years.  Tomorrow I will remember wearing my red poppy on my lapel.

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