Friday, 12 October 2012

Falling leaves

--Falling leaves in all their splenderous glory--
Well, fall has finally shown its face with its usual grey skies and falling rains.  We had a record summer with sunshine galore and warm temperatures.  The dryest summer on record for British Columbia.  We can't complain and the forests are in desparate need of that liquid sunshine.  The floors are tinder try and so ripe for an ill tossed match, or cigarette.  Fires have been a source of many long firefighting hours and exhausted personnel.  They need a break.
Nothing much happening in the crafting world lately.  I am working on some ATC swaps but they aren't ready for posting yet.  Just started the preliminaries on them.  I haven't been in the crafty mood since we moved to this new house.  Too much going on in our real life, to be able to find the time to sit and produce, or to have the inclination of creative mood either.  But for those of you who follow me, I am glad you drop by now and again.  Send a few comments my way, if you are so inclined.  Til next time, take care and come again.

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