Sunday, 23 September 2012

Garage Sale...

A mom said to her little girl, "we are going to a garage sale".  The little girl was puzzled and answered back, "why would someone sell their garage, mom?"

She answered her own question when she and her mom walked up the driveway to our house.  "Oh, now I get it, they put things in their garage and people can buy them."  And they did.
Our day was very successful, after having the fear and dread of Mother Nature's wrath.
Saturday was the first day of fall and right on time, the sunshine had faded the day before, and we woke to overcast skies and very cool temperatures.  From shirtsleeves to fleecy hoodies and jackets.  And the terrible feeling that all our preparation work would be for nothing, if the impending forecast was true.  After 2-1/2 months of sunshine everyday, we were not prepared for the fast turnover and it stunned even the
TV forecasters.  Nobody saw it coming.  It was supposed to be hot and sunny once again.  But we lucked out with just a few raindrops for a few seconds and we remained dry.  We wonder whether it was the cool temperatures that brought everyone out, but our driveway was a constant barrage of lookiloos and buyers.  At the end of the day we were pleased in pocket and with our success.  One trip was made to the dump for items, that we devalued, and another gathering of recycling was made ready for donation.  Yes, a pleasing end to summer and a nice start of decluttering for the incoming fall season.

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