Monday, 6 August 2012

Melting Pot

Our long weekend turned into a sizzler.  Fried eggs, hashbrowns and bacon could have cooked on our sidewalks, I'm sure.  There were a lot of people coming home from their mini vacations who resembled those items, after spending time at the beach and on the water.  Not me.  I am a fair skinned natural burning being, who is sought out by the sun and made an example of.  So I hide in the shade  and cool spots.  With 95 degree weather, I stay indoors with my fans because the heat just takes my breath away.  It is such unusual weather for the coast.  Because we are on the ocean, we tend to get more reasonable weather in the 70's and early 80's.  Today it cooled off and was in the mid 70's.  It felt like a reprieve.  A light shower cooled things down a bit too.  We complained about rain all of June, so some sunshine can't be frowned upon.  Take care out there.  Enjoy the sun but take your sunscreen with you and use it.  Happy summer everyone.

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