Monday, 30 July 2012


I have the most fabulous story to tell you.  My cousin related this story on her Facebook page today.  She said that her husband went to the supermarket today and while at the cashier's counter with his groceries, he suddenly remembered something he had forgotten to add to his cart.  So he asked if he could leave the cart there while he ran and picked up the forgotten item.  Naturally, the next person in line went ahead with his purchase and when he got back to the cashier, he told her that he would pay for his groceries on his Visa card.  "Oh she said, you don't have to worry about that, the young fellow in front of you paid for your groceries!"  He was stunned and my cousin was flabbergasted, when he went home and related the story to her.  So she went back on  Facebook, and thanked the young fellow for his wonderful sense of charity, and promised that they would pay it forward in time and deed.
   " Who says that charity and love do not exist and that faith in mankind has died."
                          I am thrilled for them.  Way the go, Cuz. 

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~Paola~ said...

wonderful to see that good samaritans still exist out there!!
qite a touching, wonderful story :o)