Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Gardener's Paradise

I have some gorgous Hydrangea bushes in my garden.  But I have never seen a white one before.  In the picture that I have captioned as the birth of a white hydrangea
Birth of a white hydrangea
, the petals are a pale green and the blooms are massive once they have fully blossomed.


This is a new house and the garden is fully established with wonderful flowering specimens.  Alongside these white beauties is a beautiful blue bush with deep colour.
Down the side of our house, the former owner has planted more bushes, and these are a combination of purple and pink blossoms in deep tones.  The are beautiful to behold.
The one thing that spoils their majestic bearing, is rain and unfortunately, they are all a little water logged at the moment.  So I'll have to go out there and shake some of the water from them before they wilt.  We have found cluster rose bushes, orange blossoms, hostas and a variety of unnamed flowering specimens.  And each has their own individual flowering time.  Gorgeous.  How lucky we are to have inherited a gardeners paradise.

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