Saturday, 21 July 2012

Art from the heart

How precious is a gift received from a grandchild because they love you?  This necklace of glass and beads was very touching.  It isn't expensive.  It isn't flawless. But
in her eyes it took on a special meaning and she knew it had to be mine.  Why, I asked
her.  Because it looked like you, Nana.  How can you reason with that!  I love it.  I wear it.  It has shape and form and texture and eye appeal.  I am careful to put it away so it won't get broken when it's not in use.  It was given in joy and love.  And that is why I call it Art from the heart.


Trish said...

You're right, Norma J. It is indeed a beautiful necklace and more so because your granddaughter gave it to you. I also have grand children. They melt my heart as your granddaughter will yours.

Thanks for visiting my blog and entering the competition. I've joined your blog now. I'll let you know soon, who the winner is. Have a lovely day.

~Paola~ said...

what a beautiful blog entry...
the love from a grandchild to her nana(and viceversa) is something so precious and totally heartwarming...
what would I do without my own precious grandchildren?
They all such a gift from God!
Thanks for sharing! truly is a priceless necklace indeed! ♥