Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Busy weeks and Birthdays too!

It's been a busy two weeks.  At the price of gas, we have overextended our monthly gas budget by twofold.  Between hubby's and mother's followup doctors appointments, I am beginning to hate the inside of the van.  But both are progressing
famously with their recoveries from heart surgery and broken hips and that is the main concern, afterall.  Mum will pass another milestone in his life history on Thursday by
attaining her 90th year.  We had a tea party for her at the home this past weekend with
one of my sisters, my daughter and her two little girls.  Well, not so little anymore.  They are well on their way to becoming young women, especially the older one.  Mum was quite upset that her hair hadn't been done before the pictures, but we try to get them at every opportunity as a keepsake for the future.  It's so much nicer to put a picture to the memory of the person, especially when we sit and reminisce over their life adventures.  She and my dad had a hard life to start, as he was a war amputee and had recuperation to contend with after WW2 and then to find a job with a family in tow.  But we had a good family life and they flourished. They were very fortunate to be able to travel around the world and visit places I will never see in my lifetime.  They owned an RV trailer that they had on a lake, permanently parked and spent many an hour and days in it with their little dog.  They travelled extensively through California and Arizona in a camper van, and spent winter months down in the sunshine at San Luis Obispo.
{Mum, great grandaughters}
{Me, mum and sister.}
Yes, mum, you had it good and do you know what she misses most, the companionship of my father, rest his soul.  Nothing is more present in her mind than he.  Happy Birthday mum.  We wish you nothing but days of sunshine ahead.

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ParkNSlide said...

Thanks for sharing your pics and your memories---Happy Birthday to your mum.