Friday, 18 May 2012

Visiting help

It's been a few days since I last blogged. Our visitors arrived at the beginning of the month, and then all plans blew up in our face. They, being my brother and his wife, were planning on a trip to my sister's place in the Cariboo country, when they had sewer pipe problems that shut down their water and took a week to get sorted out and new pipes run in from the road etc. It was panicsville for them. My sister was so disappointed that she had to cancel their trip. But after mega dollars spent for the new infrastructure, they managed to have a few dollars left in the kitty to ask them to come up for a shorter stay, with our help in the driving. We drove half way and they traded over into B-I-L's car for the balance of the journey. Meanwhile, to give them something to do, we took them up the mountain to see the beautiful view over the valley below, and our van died on the spot. We had to be towed down again, and it was a hefty repair bill that left us dry in the change box too. But we have had fun, and we visited our mother in the home several times this week and she was in good form. So all was not lost. Meanwhile our daughter and hubby took them out a couple of evenings for a night at the pub. And then we put them to work, and they helped to clear out the back woods at the back of the garden. So now we can work on it and put in some plants of our own choosing, with the greenbelt as their background. You can see them at work in the photo I have posted.
These guests are most welcome. Never have to look after them. They step right in and lend a hand at everything, even making supper and washing the dishes. I'm hoping to get back to my creative bits and pieces in the near future. And then perhaps you will find my blog a little more interesting. Thanks for keeping track of me. Bye for now.

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