Friday, 4 May 2012

Busy, busy, busy

A big day here today. My brother and his wife are flying in from the UK to stay with us for a month. He will be visiting my sisters in their homes too and of course, our mother. Who, by the way, came through her hip operation two weeks ago and is up and walking again with some help by her side, if she needs it. She has been returned to her residence again, so they will help her in her recovery. And I am pooped. All this motion and moving around for hubby and mother has played havoc with my legs and I am feeling the pain. But luckily I have a very industrious brother who is at the ready to make me a cup of tea and wash up the dishes. So life isn't too bad having him around. Now if he could teach my DH a thing or two about housekeeping, it would be a blessing. LOL. Won't be around a lot this month with him here but I will check in now and again to let you know I am still here. Have a happy month of May and let's hope for more sunshine, especially on the West Coast.

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