Sunday, 22 April 2012

Tension in motion

It has been a very tense and emotional few days. On Wednesday, my 90 year old mother fell and shattered her hip. We are shaken to realise what this could mean to her. On Friday she was taken to surgery and had a hip replacement. Poor thing is very disoriented and her mind is everywhere. They have already tried to get her to her feet, as this is most important, especially in the elderly. Her first try only managed a sit down on the edge of her bed. Next day they planned to use a lift to help her more. She seems to have shrunk more and more and we worry that she may not have the stamina to fight her ordeal. We can only hope and pray that the stuff she is made of, as she was always a very strong woman, will kick in once again to help her carry on. If this becomes too much for her, we want her to have peace and have prepared ourselves as best we can to accept the inevitable. We love you mum.

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