Sunday, 20 May 2012

Long weekend

It's our May long weekend up here in Canada and we are having some good weather for a change. Although it seems to be cooling down some and with it the possibility of some rain. We can't complain though, we have had two weeks of sunshine and when you have out of town visitors, every dry day is a blessing.
Even the dog is enjoying the warmth of the patio. She has been in her glory since our visitors have arrived. Being smokers, they go outside to light up, and Charlee has been their constant companion. She has spent more time outdoors these past two weeks, that she now sits at the door and squeaks if they don't let her out too. We laughed when she sat at the door and squeaked and my brother came back down and opened the door for her to go out. We shook our heads and said, "Aha, she's got your number, boy". They have been trained by our canine family member. LOL. Hubby and I are having a lazy weekend, as our company is visiting one of my sisters for a few days. We love having them here, but it is nice to fall back into our regular routine. They will visit my other sister at the end of this coming week, so we will have some more "us" time. Then the final week they will dedicate their visit to my mother, in the seniors home. Which is where I am heading today. So bye for now.

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