Friday, 25 May 2012

Well, we can't complain with the little bit of rain we had yesterday. It promises to be a warm and sunny few days. So far May has been a very good month as holiday time, which is much appreciated by my brothers visit here. He is finally getting to see what B.C. has to offer and is loving it. Today, is my daughters birthday. I am not sure who feels older, she or I. All I know is that she still has a lifetime ahead of her, where my days are speeding by until my recliner chair will become part of my body and my body will enjoy its company. LOL. Scarey. I have joined a swap group but it is not due until August, and it incorporates butterflies as its theme. Fabric, felt, embossed, stamped but all butterflies. It's time to get my mojo in gear again. Have a safe and happy holiday weekend for our U.S. friends. We had ours last weekend. So enjoy.

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