Monday, 12 March 2012

Weary, Bleary and Fried

No, I am not three sheets to the wind, but tired in mind and body. Hubby is still in the hospital. He will be transferred into Vancouver tomorrow, to undergo a Angiogram which is a camera threaded to his heart for a look see. He has been having pains over the past while, so he has had various tests on his heart. Luckily he has not had a heart attack, but more like angina issues. But he was moved into a private room with TV, so he is comfortable for the night. I will not make the trip to the hospital, as it is a two hour trip into Vancouver and two hours back. Plus I haven't been the driver for so long, as hubby takes those reins away from me, so it is a very emotional and exhausting trip, when you aren't sure where you are going.
And as seems the way with us, his room is a mile long walk from the front door and
my body hates it. You should see his fancy TV. It is a TV, computer, radio and telephone all in one nifty unit. Boy would I love to have the computer access at my bed, whenever I was in hospital. And he is keyboard illiterate. What a waste.
I am ready for a nice cup of tea and some supper. Bye for now.


Denise ~ Paper Ponderings said...

I'll be thinking of you. I thought I lived in one of the cutest little towns in the northwest Ü

NormaJ said...

Hi Denise - Thanks for visiting me. We just moved to a beautiful new house and area. Mountains and valleys surround us. Gorgeous, especially with the snow on them.
The mountains I mean, not the valley's, thank goodness. LOL.