Thursday, 1 March 2012

Life interfering....

To those who keep visiting me and finding no new posts, I apologize but appreciate your loyalty. We have been going through some family times that are involving many doctor visits for my husband. He is getting the once over and each seems to lead to something else they want to check out or have tests for. We are in the dark at the moment, because nothing has come back yet with results, but we just keep seeing doctors. He turned 70 last year, and with it seems the breakdown of the older man.
LOL. Nothing definite to report, or concerning at this point of time, but they feel he is due a good checkup. Which in the end will result in a positive feedback, or perhaps a change in meds, or diet. But thank you for visiting my blogsite. We are not anticipating anything dire but feel lucky that they want to make sure that all is as it should be. I'll let you know what happens in time.

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Cyndi said...

Hi Norma! Will definitely be keeping your hubby (and you) in my thoughts and prayers, and hoping that all will go well with the test results!