Saturday, 18 February 2012

Neighbourhood Excitement

Well, I have been a bad blogger over the past month and I apologize to those of you who regularly check in with my blog. I am still not over my moving challenges and the boxes are still sealed and waiting my attention. It has been chaotic in all areas this month. But we are slowly settling in. I believe a huge garage sale will be in the making, possibly in March if we have some decent weather. So to those of my faithful followers, thank you for sticking it out during these crazy times for me.
I still haven't got my craft area ready yet, but I did commit to a swap that is due in May, so I am using that as my guide to get moving on the situation.
Meanwhile, we had some excitement right outside our front door this week. We are used to hearing sirens in the areas we live, so you subconsciously take note of them, but let them go on their way. Only it seemed that they were stopping their whining very close to the house, so that caught our attention. And then a final whoop, whoop of
a patrol car sounded like it was in our driveway. Well, on closer inspection and lifting the blinds, as it was nightfall, it was like the 4th of July out there. Red, white and blue flashing lights. There were so many fire trucks, police cars, hydro trucks, tanker trucks outside, we began to wonder if we were in the middle of a movie set. So we sat and watched all the goings on, and watched neighbours trudging down the road to have a look. At that time our daughter came home from work, as she does catering at events, and we watched her park her van and head across the road. She returned minutes later with the report that they thought they had a
gas leak at the high school across the road, so every city service was out there.
Within the hour, they completed their inspections and duties, and it was all over with the exception of the blinking sign out the front of the school. The picture above is my husband sitting on a bed peering out the window at the action. Those two
white spotlights were the flashing headlights of one of the patrol cars. Almost blinded us, so I am pleased that I managed to get a photo of anything with those going off in our faces. I'm glad it turned out successful and no damage was done, as we all returned to our quiet lives of our neighbourhood and closed the blinds.

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