Saturday, 14 January 2012

I'm back

For those who follow me, I'm back. We moved a week ago and are still living in a sea of boxes. No we aren't homeless, thank goodness. Just in a state of upheaval.
I can't post anything in photos, as I can't find the connection wire for my camera.
And as far as creating something, that will be out of the question for a little while. But I will try some updates over the next little while to let you know how we are doing. So be patient, and I will be back in a better position in a few weeks.
My monitor and keyboard are sitting on a file cabinet, my mouse is on a box beside me, and the computer is sitting on the floor beside me in a sea of cables. Not really condusive to creating or sitting for any long time trying to type. Take care everyone. I'll be back soon.

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