Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Do you like to read?

My sister has just had her first novel published, which is available on various sites and also as an e-book. It is about a woman who visits a friend in the north of British Columbia and after seeing a robbery in progress, is kidnapped by the thieves.
She escapes into the wilderness, when she realises she is in danger of losing her life at the hands of these men. Alone, and pregnant she must learn to survive the harsh conditions in front of her, as well as her own sanity.
As I can't seem to get the link for this Iwill give you her name and the novel's title to enable you to find it online. Author is June Bourgo and the book is called Winter's Captive . It is published by Asteroid Publishing and is available through
Chapters, Barnes and Noble, as well as British and German sources as well. If you are into e-books, you can purchase the download as well. Happy reading everyone.

Oh, here are some of the sites you can purchase June's book: Smashwords (all formats), Barnes and Noble Nook, and Amazon Kindle. Her web link is: www.junebourgoauthor.com.

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June Bourgo said...

Thanks, sis.

Here is the link to my website:


and the ebook is available through Smashwords (all formats), Amazon Kindle,Barnes & Noble Nook.