Monday, 26 December 2011

It's over-now the cleanup

Toys strewn all over the floor, Christmas wrap in the garbage, tummies full of Christmas din, complete with a cup of tea. Now that was a day. A quiet one with my family and mother. The day began with the other mother coming for breakfast and joining in on gift opening. It is a tradition that she arrives either for breakfast or Christmas dinner, shared with her other son and his family. The dog loved her new toys and wore herself out tossing them around the floor. And in the afternoon we drove over to the seniors residence and picked up my mother. She has slowed down so much over the past six months. But despite having had a few days in bed this week, because of her bad back, she managed to come out with us and thoroughly enjoyed her dinner and visit. Her friend was waiting for her when she got back, so she topped off the evening with a visit with her. All in all a lovely day, and the sun even came out just before supper, so it made the perfect end to our day. But today, it is back to reality and packing once again. Only days to go to the move.
Happy New Year to everyone who visits my little blog. There won't be any creating for a while until we settle in and unpack. Thank you for following my blog.

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