Friday, 9 December 2011

Mug Shots

On Tuesday, I have to renew my drivers license. What a scarey prospect. You either luck out and take a good picture, or end up with one that has to be the saddest looking specimen to mankind. Egads! And to top it all, I have decided to get an
enhanced one, which means I can use it to cross the border, instead of a passport.
Which seeing as we are 20 minutes drive to the border, you never know when you might just decide to go for a drive and have dinner across the line. With your license always in your wallet, you can do that on a spur of the moment. Like who carries around their passport on a daily basis. But then it hasn't been a habit of ours to
just drive across the line for no particular reason either. But you never know. It could work in our favour. So I enter another field of technological advance. Imagine getting so wrapped up in computerized gadgets at my age. We are moving soon, and guess what? We are going to get our first cellphone. Only because we have
more highway open space around us, so getting stuck in the middle of nowhere does not sound like a lot of fun. I still work on a desktop computer. No laptops for me, or I-pads, or Wi-Fi's. Guess you can only teach an old dog so many tricks. Oh, but I do have a Wii!

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