Tuesday, 6 December 2011

19 days and counting.....

Are you ready for the big day? I had one more gift to buy for a little girl, but her mum saw something out there today, and called me. So now I don't have to go out in those big stores. Yay! But I do have to get stamps for my Christmas cards that have to go out today. Yuck! I finally broke down and opened a box and put up my little Christmas tree. Stuck poinsettias all through the branches and said, "that's it". Hubby said, 'I thought you weren't putting that out this year'. Well I changed my mind, because it doesn't look like Christmas in here. Besides, all i have to do is put it back in a box. NOthing hard about that. Isn't it wonderful,
that putting up a tree, means plugging it in and there you have it. But I do miss the smell of a real tree. How about you?

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