Friday, 16 December 2011

Hard Day

Well, today was the last day of school before the Christmas Holidays. It was also the last day at their current school for my granddaughters. Oh my, tears did flow.
Mum had a hard time containing her tears, in an effort to be the strong mum for them.
I remember when I was eight. I had a best girlfriend and one day she told me that her dad had got a job in California. That was the other side of the world from our
Montreal home. We said goodbye on the sidewalk and she climbed into her dad's car, and I waved to her as they drove away. I walked slowly back to our apartment entrance, and got inside and then sat on the inside stairs (no elevators then) and cried my eyes out. I do feel for them. It was a hard few days, but in the grd-kids case, they have Christmas to look forward to, and then the big move after the New Year.
Thank goodness for friends, who invited them to supper tonight. A bit of a distraction from their thoughts. Three more weeks to go and we are on the move. The days are flying by. One more big dump run this weekend. So much to do. When we move in, I don't plan to move for two days at least. Just sit in my chair and vegetate. Well, excuse me, but I need every spare minute to do something around here, so I must get moving again. Are you ready for Christmas?

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