Sunday, 18 December 2011


It's quiet in the house. Everyone's sleeping in their beds. Time for reflection on days gone by. Today is my day, once a day for celebration but now I just wish they would slow down a little. For today is my birthday. Oh, there will be snacks and a cake and some gifts too but do I really want to remind myself that the years are adding up. Scarey. But on the bright side, I will have my family around me. My precious grand-daughters hugging me and wishing me a good day. The dog giving me her paw and then clammering up on the coach to give me a doggy kiss on the cheek. Is that not what a birthday is for? Having everyone you love around you. Including my aging mother, whom we will bring home from the seniors residence. She is getting so frail now and looks all of her aging years. So this time is special for her as well. I have a few more minutes to myself, before the house awakes. Ahhh, peace.

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