Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Once upon a time....

Eight years ago, a little girl decided to make her entrance early and join her family as the newest present under the Christmas tree. And this week we celebrate her birthday distancing that day by another year added to memories of that special day. Even before her birth she distinguished herself as a diva, deciding that natural childbirth was not something she would tolerate, so mum had to endure a surgical birth for her dramatic entrance. Nothing has changed for her since that day. She is our drama queen, our fashionista and has already taken on that air at school. Other mums wait to see what outfit she will put together in showing her own fashion sense at school. The more glitter and glam, the better. She's a monkey, an imp, an acrobat and an avid soccer player and full of love to boot. Happy Birthday, grand-daughter. Love and kisses, Nana.

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