Saturday, 5 November 2011

History of our old house

Now here is a confusing statement and some background history of our old house. In the picture below of our old house, the front is the back, and the back was the front. What?? Well, the original owner had acres of land and this house faced East
with a long driveway down to the street. But he sold the land around it and the city rezoned and put in a road that came down to his back door, which now became his front door, because his address was changed to the new street. So at some point of time the open carport with covered roof, and sundeck over it, was changed and covered in on the top deck to make a family room, with new doors and steps that are now the front entrance to the house. Underneath that they covered in one side of the double garage and put in a bedroom, which is part of our basement suite. We
enclosed the open single garage with a garage door and it became hubby's workshop.
But we aren't finished there. The curved window you see to the left of the front door, was an extension we put on to make a nanny suite for my parents. Dad is now gone and mum is now in a seniors home. But it has a living room, bedroom, 2 pc bathroom, and a kitchenette in it. So this home has undergone some extensive renovations both inside and out. It is rather plain jane on the outside but is updated and comfy on the inside. But time has a way of changing priorities and so we decided to put it up for sale and move on. From list to final papers we sold in
38 days. There are no complaints there.

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