Saturday, 5 November 2011

Old is sold - New is a deal!

Well, it's a done deal as far as our house is concerned. The final subjects were lifted yesterday and our house is considered sold. Yay, no more lookiloos through the house and we can relax and live like normal people, instead of a showroom atmosphere.
The new house,(shown right) has the inspection to go through on Monday and then lift the subjects next week, and it's a done deal too. Now it's clean, clear and pack and the big move will be the first week of January. We just hope it doesn't snow because we live on a hill and usually we end up hibernating for a few days when that happens. That will be a pain. Oh well, keep positive thoughts.
So as far as my creativity goes, it has been put on hold for the next while. I am
making Christmas cards, in the simplest way out of a basket of essential goodies I have kept out, but everything else is packed away. So tidbits of life around us, maybe some photos here and there and the odd photo of one of my cards is all I will be able to manage until we move. I hope you will stay and visit from time to time.
Perhaps I can be a reporter on world events. LOL. We'll see. Our old house is 41 years old and the new one is 14 years old. A baby in comparison.

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