Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Still here

Just a few quick lines to let you know I am still around. We have been so caught up with preparing the house for sale. After all our hard work, we are having people come through and hopefully one of them will like what they see, and decide to buy it.
Meanwhile, we are beginning our journey tonight to find a new home for us. Such a stressful time. Then my mother is having a bout of severe back pain from a long standing issue of hers, so is bed ridden for a few days, until it eases for her. On top of which she has an internal infection that is making her feel grouchy. She is
responding well to her meds and is expected to be up and about in a few days. But these bouts show up her mindset and definitely show her need for her care. She is very good at hiding her dementia symptoms, except when under stress. Poor thing can't understand why she gets sick and that it is her age and weakening immune system that creates the problems. She isn't able to address her increasing old age.She says she is "getting there" rather than she is there. She is 89. Bless her.

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