Sunday, 2 October 2011

Molly Maid

I feel like Molly Maid service. Constantly making sure everything is tidy and dust free, and vacumned and cleaned and fresh. Is this a natural way to live. Egads! Oh well, if the house sells, it will be the stepping stone to a new move and new adventure for us. Mind you visiting homes to see if we want to buy them is tiring and stressful in itself. We did four viewings on Friday, and we were exhausted after them. Stairs were the killers in this venture. With both of us having hip and back problems, it was sheer power that got us up those stairs to peek into homes. We know that level entry is the way for us. But with family moving upstairs too, we want to see what their place would be like as well. So we continue our quest. I am working on an ATC swap at the moment, so I will post some of them soon.
Thanks for continuing to follow me, even though I haven't shown a lot of creative
muse lately. Take care everyone. Be back again.

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