Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Time Out

I am going to be a busy beaver for the next few weeks, as we purge our household stuff and clean and make our house sellable and ready for inspection. Which I have told you in previous posts, but it is in seriousness now. We have given ourselves
three weeks to accomplish little fixups, cleanups, and making the house clutter free.
So I will not be around to make and think of creating too much, but I will try to keep a commentary going on what is happening here. My mother is in a care home and is coming up on a one year anniversary in a couple of weeks. So today we told her about our impending move, which after some thinking through on her part will probably bring some heated conversations. She has had the fantasy that she is well enough to come home, and in reality, it would be too dangerous for her to look after herself without the care she requires daily. So this news will eventually hit her hard, when she realises that there is no home to go to. We expect some backlash for it and it will be understandable from her point of view. But the move has been considered thoroughly by the rest of the family and it will be a beneficial one for all of us, including the children and their future. So we must make steps to move on and my mother will have to learn to accept the inevitable. It is a hard decision.
But nothing will change for her, in respect to our weekly visits and outings we take her on. And if she wants to make a similar move to a place closer to us, then we can try to arrange for that as well. So good friends, I will keep you posted, but here is a card I made this past week that I am considering making my personal Christmas card. Everything about it is StampinUp, including the stamps, paper, markers, embossing ink etc. What do you think?

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