Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Getting closer

After a long struggle, my sister has reached the end of her journey to have her first book published. It is scheduled to be on the market this October, available through Asteroid Publishing and other outlets and book stores. Today, writing a book is more than researching, writing, re-writing and being accepted into the club.
Once all that has been done, you then become your own marketeer and approach a list of possible retailers who are willing to bring your novel into their inventory. You have to approach venues for personal appearances and readings. As though the journey to write, be accepted to publish is not enough, your work continues to then advertise yourself. I couldn't believe the work involved after the fact, nor the
energy it takes to continue this journey. I am worn out just thinking about it all.
But come October, it will be worth the sacrifices it took, to say, I am a writer. Take a look at my work.

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