Friday, 5 August 2011

Misty Morn

Well, we promised to take our grd-dtrs to the waterpark today, but something happened to the weather. Instead of sunshine and warmth, we had overcast skies, and cool winds. Not at all the kind of weather you want to be wet in. So it got cancelled. So we suggested a park. One said yes, and one said no. So nobody went.
But they are good for one waterpark adventure next week, so they are happy.
Meanwhile, with hubby's birthday yesterday, he got a birthday greeting in an email, so I made a quick card to glue the greeting inside. Just some papers on hand and a
handy butterfly stamp sitting there in front of me. I really didn't use a lot of imagination to make this one, but it's cute and he liked it. A few rhinestones to glitz it up a bit and there you have it.

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