Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Valley View

Isn't this pretty? When we drive East on Highway 1, and on a clear day, this beautiful mountain fills the landscape in front of us. At times it is directly in our path on the highway, until we head into a switch in direction. Here we see it
off to our right. This is what we see on our drive out through the Fraser Valley.
It seems we may be moving at some point this year and in all probability it will be somewhere in the valley as our next home. We have lived in this home 9-1/2 years and economics to our better entice us to look for another home at a much lower price than our current home and in most cases, a younger aged place as well. We win out in all ways and also offer our grandchildren a better social aspect at school and the opportunity to meet new friends. They have lost a lot of their school mates through moving and as high school looms closer for the oldest one, having permanent friends will make the transition a little better for her. So before that time comes her parents feel this is the time to make the move. It will be quite the change for all of us and a hard one, as we like our present house, but opportunity knocks and now is the moment if we want to grab on to the gold ring. So we are house hunting and purging our present home of all unwanted, unneeded stuff! What a job that is. Once we are happy with the de-cluttering, we will have the real estate agents come in and check out our house. So I won't be doing a lot of creative things for a little while. It's work, work, and more work ahead.

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