Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Morning Tea

Another day begins. As I sit here looking outside, the early morning haze is slowly lifting and the sun is hiding behind fluffy white clouds. Misty blue sky is gradually clearing into bright vivid patches. A clear indication that today is going to be beautiful, sunny and finally have some warmth to the day. I've had my morning cup of tea, turned on my computer, checked my emails. I have no definite plans for the day. Perhaps get rid of an old TV and computer tower at the recycle depot. Except for the usual daily routines that start the day, I think I will just let the day play itself out, with whatever pops up on my blank menu. LOL. I haven't been in my craft room for a few days. A new month begins and with it are the bill paying moments and getting in the groceries, so we have no news to speak of
that would hold your attention. So I wish you all a pleasant day and I'll return again soon.

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