Monday, 11 July 2011

Life goes on

I have been absent from my blogsite lately. Simply because life got in the way, and the days just flash by. We had several family birthdays this week and of course, the July 1st weekend as well. My son-in-law added another year and it was followed with a cake and coffee afternoon and some gift giving. And my mother enjoyed a day out celebrating her 89th birthday, by having lunch out with my daughter and I and a shopping trip that let her choose some birthday gifts that she liked. And then a
small sightseeing trip to nostalgic places for her and us. She enjoyed it all and of course, being able to leave the seniors home for a few hours. The next birthday
coming up is a sister's day and then my husband's comes due in August. So no end in sight of cake and ice cream parties. Nothing else new to report this time. Enjoy the day, til next time.

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