Friday, 1 July 2011

Can I go out to play?

Thursday was the first day of summer vacation for my grand-daughters, so we took them out for lunch to celebrate. While I was getting dressed and ready, I gave my
11 year old my camera and said have some fun and take some pictures. Well, most were silly ones not worth keeping, but this one is really cute. We live downstairs
in the house we share with our daughter, so we tell people we have a garden apartment. On nice days we open the inside door and let the sunshine and light stream in, and we can also see outside as well. This shot is priceless. As the dog
loves to lay in front of the door and watch the world go by. And when she wants to
come back in from outside, she peers through the door and paws the window to say "hello" I want to come in now. If we don't take any notice of her, she lets out
a little bark to say, "hey people, I'm still here, so come and get me". Good job on the photography "M" - you captured Charlee's personality.

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