Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Well, I have finished my last swap of the summer. I won't enter into anything more before the fall now. Again it was for ATC cards. I don't know whether there seems to be an apathy to enter these swaps, as seems to be the trend this year, a lack of interest or a winding down period, to recoup creative juices. I know there has been a slow down in entrants. I am going to take the summer off to get a feel on what I would like to do next. But here is a card that I created with the theme of
Paisley pattern. That was a tough one. But I ended up with something that I call "Paisley Garden", using the paisley pieces like flowers and adding cut out die forms of branches with leaves. Definitely different but I like the end result. So for everyone on this holiday weekend, be it Canada Day or the 4th of July, safe journey and enjoy the fireworks.

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