Monday, 11 July 2011

Friends across the Border

I received a most beautiful gift today from a very special lady named Cyndi. Cyndi loves to sew and one of her passions was to make handmade bags. Last year I asked her to make me a bag and I was so pleased with it, that I requested another one this year. However, she has progressed in her sewing skills to other projects and her
energy and focus are on those now. But she said she would make me my bag anyway.
But little did I know that she was going to present it to me as a gift of love. And here it is. I chose the material online and Cyndi ordered it and designed the bag for me. My only wants were a shoulder strap and a top zipper, as I am always dropping my purse on the floor and scrambling for all the goodies hidden inside.
I am over the moon with this bag. I love the little green button embellishment on the front of the bag. She made a large pocket on the back with a tab and button closure to accommodate letters and such that you might carry. Inside the fabric is the same as the purple berry material that you see on the tab, shoulder strap and the piping over the top of the pockets. Cyndi I love it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. When I brought the box home that it was mailed in, my husband stood behind me and said, "Well hurry up, so I can see it before I go sit down." He loved it too. I was holding off opening it, like it was a Christmas present. Once you take the paper off the package, and open the box, the anticipation is gone. But oh
my, what a beauty. Why does thank you seem so inadequate? Sigh.......

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June Bourgo said...

Lovely bag, sis. Enjoy it. the colours are so vibrant. (And don't think I missed the butterfly in there.)