Thursday, 14 July 2011


How very annoying. I took pictures of my mother on her birthday while she was reading her letters and cards (and she was unaware that I was doing so). But when I uploaded them to my computer, something in the process didn't take place and I lost all the photos, including some of the card I made her, and the flowers my sisters sent to her. I must have visited every recouping site available, trying to get them printer ready, but with no luck. I could see them there but the file wasn't complete and access was impossible. And each day they pixilated worse and worse until they were just a coloured smudge. So I deleted the entire run. Oh that hurt.
I won't get her birthday pictures back, but maybe when I visit next time, I can take some of the card I made and a picture of the flowers to forward to my sisters, who live miles away and wanted to check them out, as they were an order-in purchase.
So disappointing. - Well onwards and upwards. It's clearance day of old printers,
monitors, and TV unit that I can take to a recycle depot. So that's my afternoon to go.

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