Friday, 15 July 2011

An ahhh moment

Today, we took our granddaughters to a goat farm. They joined a summer program that presents an event each day of summer vacation, that they can attend at will with a parent chaperone. The one girl wanted to go to the farm while the other was lukewarm about the idea, but when we got there they had a blast. The hit of the adventure was this little newborn just four days old. They fell in love with him.

And what outing doesn't deserve an ice cream break? Check out the jackets in July!
It was cloudy and cool, until we bought the ice cream and suddenly the sun came out in warm beauty and the coats were shed as it should be in July.

Temperatures out this way of the land have been below seasonal bests and hot days have not been something we have seen yet. Today was running about 60degrees. But it is comfortable for me, but then I'm not a sun worshipper. Never have been. I've had my share of sunburns and some have not been a pretty sight. But really, it is summer. Let's have a little taste of warm breezes.

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