Saturday, 11 June 2011

We lucked out on our week away. It was beautifully sunny with the exception of a couple of overcast days at the end of the week, but it didn't rain and the sun was out in the afternoon. So we were able to take advantage of the patio outside our unit and enjoy the canal that ran behind it. We had lunch out there, our evening coffee break and just enjoyed the ambience and quiet and all the twittering birds.

We also enjoyed evening meals at the local restaurants and as a laugh I also took a photo of a pair of friends at our table. My husband thought I was mad!

It was so quiet! I had to do something to change the mood of the evening.
Oh, you want to know the reality I spoke about yesterday? I came home, walked in my door, saw boxes all over the place and the fireplace burning and fans going. My first thought was OH,OH! Our 5 year old water heater broke down. Water all over,BUT thank goodness for my sister staying overnight for the weekend. She called my son in law upstairs and he turned off all the water. There was a puddle in the bathroom, but they managed to contain it with the exception of a 3 foot square of rug outside the door that was soaked. It is almost dry now. Had they not asked to come down and use our house for the weekend, we would have been in a similar position
as we had two years ago. A flooded house! Phew! The heater was on warranty and replaced free but the labour for installation was $500. OUch! How's that for reality?

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